How our cbd oil is made

Seed to Shelf is the new term everyone seems to be claiming, but only a few are actually the single point managing the entire process. Seed-to-shelf engages the entire production process to create the best CBD products. From choosing the soil and seedling to an online or retail sale. We’re completely involved from cultivation, extraction, laboratory testing, and sales. We have always embraced this process to provide transparent accountability of every facet of the process, inspire trust in our efforts, and as our commitment to our patients.

Step 1 – Organic Farming

Lumen CBD Oil contracts with farmers in Oregon, California, Kentucky, South Carolina.   We have both consulting relationships offering our services and seeds to new Hemp farmers entering the business and relationships with other local, verified, and independently tested sources.   By ensuring all farmers are GAP certified, verifying the strain, and 3rd party tested we always know our products are safe, regulated and unbeatable in their power and consistency.

Step 2: Proprietary Extraction

We use a proprietary hemp extraction and purification process. This makes sure that all of hemp’s beneficial phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are preserved. It also gets rid of unwanted compounds while preventing natural molecules from degrading. Resulting with the highest quality hemp oil available.

Step 3: In House and Third-Party Lab Testing

We test every production run for quality and potency. This makes sure that all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, essential fatty acids and phytonutrients are consistent and pure.  Every batch goes through rigorous testing in our in-house laboratory. When the batch passes, it receives a Certificate of Analysis and a Certificate of Quality Assurance that we make available to our customers. We also use third-party labs on a monthly basis to verify and confirm the Certificates.

Step 4: Compounding into CBD shelf ready products

Our premier grade oil is sent to a grade A manufacturing facility that is managed under strict FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). As a registered FDA facility for Dietary Supplements and Nutraceuticals. An integral part of comprehensive quality management system is the in-house quality control testing laboratory. Detailed batch records outline the performance of Quality verifications and Inspections from the beginning to the end of our weighing, blending, filling and packaging processes.


The Quality Management System at the Laboratories is a comprehensive quality program designed to meet and exceed the cGMP requirements set forth in Title 21 of the CFR for parts 211, 110, and 111. The Quality department is involved in all aspects of the labs business from R&D, Product Development, to the completion of the Finished Product in Operations. Quality Department is strategic in assuring that the facility is designed to enable proper flow of incoming raw materials to the distribution of finished product. All raw ingredients and packaging materials are received into the electronic warehouse system (SAGE). All raw material and intermediate bulk testing are performed in the State-of-the-Art laboratory. Each raw material undergoes vigorous testing and includes Infrared Spectrometry (FTIR) or wet chemistry for Identification testing, Karl Fischer, LOD or moisture analyzer for water determination in the raw material, ICP-MS for Heavy metal determination and a Rapid Microbial Method System for Microbiological determination which can be completed within three days. A batch records is created for each significant step in the process of a product. The significant steps in a process is the Weighing/Blending, Filling and Packaging. The Batch record documents each step performed by the operators to assure each ingredient is weighed correctly and added at the precise time according to the original formula in Product Development. Each intermediate blend is submitted to the lab for a panel of tests to assure the blend is homogenous. These tests include bulk density, brix and organoleptic testing. The finish good testing is performed after Packaging is completed to assure that the physical, chemical and microbial testing such as product weights, lot code placement, expiration dating, seal integrity, absence of Heavy metals, Microbial challenge for Total Plate Count, Yeast and Mold, Coliforms, E. coli., Salmonella, Staph aureus, Pseudomonas, and Enteriobacteriaceae our stringent specifications and expectations.

The water used in this facility for the manufacturing of product and rinsing of equipment meets the current USP Purified Water requirements and specifications. The system was installed and validated according to the USP 35 guidelines. The water System is designed to provide 10 gallons a minute at any given time. The system is equipped with an Ozone generator that provides a layer of protection in the storage tank to maintain or decrease the bioburden level in the closed system. The Purified Water Ports are sampled and tested daily for total organic carbon, conductivity, and microbial contamination to ensure adherence to current USP Purified Water requirements.

During the filling and packaging of the finished product the batch record documents that qualified personnel performed pre and post line clearances, perform statistical sampling and testing of the product to assure that the physical requirements of the package meets the specifications supplied in the batch record. All employees undergo extensive training and documentation on all Batch Records, SOPs, Test specifications, and safety procedures. All shipments are palletized according to specific instructions in batch record. Each pallet is securely wrapped with polyethylene film. A pallet tag is attached to the front of the pallet for identification. All completed pallets are stored in the shipping area awaiting shipment.

Each production room is designed with the quality of the product in mind. Separate air handlers are utilized in each room to prevent cross contamination for air return. Rooms are air balanced to eliminate any cross-contamination issues. Rooms are constructed with washable walls, floors and ceiling to remove any unwanted product from previous runs. Each piece of equipment and rooms have a bound cleaning log that remains in the room or on the equipment at all time. This log book documents the type of clean and sanitization, ATP test results, performed by and checked by, Lot Code and Product start and end date of each product manufactured on that line. The facilities Temperature and Humidity is monitored by 30 sensors every 5 minutes that are strategically place in the facility to assure that all hot and cold spots are being monitored. The system sends an e-mail to specified personnel when any of the sensors drop outside the specified ranges. We provide customers with lockable secured areas for all printed material such as Film, labels, shippers. An Accelerated stability chamber (40°C and 75% relative humidity) and a Real Time stability chamber (25°C and 60% relative humidity).  Our Laboratories Quality Control Group maintains a retain program for all product, as well as, raw materials used or produced in this facility.

The Quality Assurance Department maintains a secured documentation system which includes a change control process for each document that is created or modified. All documents are maintained in a secured computer server. All old documentation revision is archived and stored as required by the FDA. Quality Assurance Department provides the customer a Certificates of Analysis (C of A) on all approved product that is manufactured at the plant. The C of A contains the Lot code, test results, expiration Date, manufacturing date, and quantity approved.


A diverse group to provide the purest form of CBD Oil available.

Founded by a group of growers, Bio-scientists, extraction experts, and entrepreneurs Lumen is the product of a true seed to shelf company that cares about providing quality yet affordable CBD compounds to the public.

Our CBD oil comes only from organic and GAP certified farms we have personally contracted with and manage from the type of seed that goes into the ground all the way to the harvest.  And if our farms cannot meet a period of high demand, we purchase Hemp from farms with the same quality and independent 3rd party tests to prove it’s organically grown and within FDA’s guidelines best practice guidelines.

All of our Hemp is processed in one of our two U.S.A. GMP certified extraction facilities and then sent to a state of the art lab for compounding and formulation.  We then store our products in four warehouse’s with a maximum 6 month shelf life allowed.

We are committed to making the purest and most reliable CBD oil formulations in the world.